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Siemens CNC Simulator Turning + Milling

Siemens PPU 151 and Siemens MCP

Basic Features and Simulator Component Details

The controller in the simulator is Siemens PPU 151 controller with Siemens MCP and Siemens MPG.Participants can have a hands on experience not only on Siemens PPU but  also on MCP s to understand the actual machine operation environment. Tool numbers are displayed on the digital panel on MCP. Each of the simulator is provided along with Siemens PPU + Siemens MPG + Siemens MCP. Participants can not only operate the Siemens CNC controller but they can also vary the basic parameters of the machine such as Software  limits , Axes Referencing , Backlash Compenstation, etc.

FANUC CNC Education Simulator

Affordable and portable training solution on ‘real’ FANUC hardware

The FANUC CNC simulator is a perfect addition to the classroom and an essential component to gainmaximum exposure to FANUC CNC controls when actual machine time is limited. Based on the

FANUC 0iF platform, the simulator will allow you at power on to switch between milling and turningconfigurations to teach programming, navigation and operation on the world’s most popular CNCcontrol. Simple configurations make it easy to learn how to operate and edit data on a modern FANUCcontrol. FANUC’s MGi conversational interface allows user to graphically generate programs that canbe simulated in 3D, prior to being converted back to conventional NC programs to be used on machinetools using FANUC controls. Uploading and downloading (read and punch) functions are facilitated bymeans of the standard Flash ATA interface and USB interface, and DNC functions are supported byEthernet and Flash ATA card.

Basic Features:

  • 3 axis milling + 1 spindle
  • 2 axis turning system + 1 spindle
  • 3D simulation and online ladder modificaion
  • Inch / metric switchable
  • 512kb part program storage, with 400 registered programs
  • 32 Tool offset pairs
  • Work piece coordinates G52 – G59 + 48 additional on mill
  • 10.4” Color LCD
  • Siemens MCP + Siemens MPG
  • USB, Flash ATA and Ethernet connectivity
  • Optional I/O link I and RS232 serial interface
  • Power: AC 100 – 240, 0.8A – 0.4A, 50 – 60Hz
  • Power consumption 80w
  • Weight: Approx. 26.4lb (12KG)

Component Details:

  • Power On Switch
  • Emergency Switch Button
  • Jog / Feed Override
  • Manual Pulse Generator from Siemens
  • 10.4 inch Color display
  • Horizontal and vertical soft keys
  • Machine control panel from
  • Siemens
Siemens Simulator800x500